Maine AppleCycle takes pride in the quality of the food served to our riders. We serve locally sourced, sustainably produced food whenever possible, agonize over choosing the best selection, and spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME taste testing new treats for y'all (we know: it's a hard job but someone has to do it!). Don't be alarmed by the cider donuts hanging out at your orchard rest stops, or overwhelmed when you have to choose whether to slather your fresh baked bread with blueberry jam, Nutella, or locally made buttah'.  All decisions are the right ones. Don't forget: you'll get to test the stretch on those cycling spandex after the ride with a free, hearty lunch back at the beautiful Alfred Shaker Museum! 

2018 Food vendors: Three Charm Farm, Casco Bay Butter, Captain Jack's Donut Shack, Kamasouptra, La Boulangerie, Reilly’s Bakery, Cafe 64, Maine Coast Roast, Michele’s Granola, local bakers and more! 

2018 Lunch Menu